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A Grand Starry Night

Author:  Ron Coxall, from "Jogs"
(copyright Cotswold Music Society, used with permission).

Formation: Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  3
Style:  English

A1: Circle left and right.
A2: Ladies' chain.
B1: Left hand star.  Grand Star - half a right-hand star in your current four, then half a left-hand star with the next couple.  Women follow their partner in each star.
B2: Grand Star continued - half a right-hand with couple number 3, then half a left-hand star with couple number 4 - always moving in original direction.  Do-si-do number 5.

"The ordinary left-hand star should be stressed as people get so excited by the Grand Star they forget it." - Ron Coxall's notes.

Thumbnail:  Circles, ladies chain, LH star, grand star (half star in current set, half with next set), repeat, do-si-do