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Canadian Barn Dance

Formation: Couple, side by side in a circle facing anticlockwise, man on the inside.
Difficulty:  2
Style:  Old-time

A1: Forward 3 steps and hop or kick.  (Start on outside foot.) Repeat going backwards.
A2: Chassé away from partner for 2 steps (men into centre, women towards edge) and clap; chassé back.
B1: In ballroom hold take two chassé steps anti-clockwise (man's left, woman's right) then two steps back again.
B2: Four step-hop (polka) steps to polka antic-clockwise round the room.

Music:  Scottisches if you have them, otherwise gentle reels.
Thumbnail:  Foward and kick, backward and kick, chassé in and clap, chassé back; ballroom hold, chassé to man's left, then man's right, polka round.