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Die Woaf

Author:  Traditional Austrian
Formation: Couple, Easiest to start with couples in a circle, all facing anti-clockwise.
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Take butterfly hold (as in The Gay Gordons): two chassées diagonally left; two diagonally right.  Without letting go, raise both hands and lady turn right (moving forward all the time) to go clockwise all the way round the man, then turn clockwise to place.
A2: All that again — finish apart, with inside hands joined.
B1: Balance together, apart; man roll the lady across to the other side.  Together, apart; roll back.
B2: Ballroom hold: Two chassées forward; two back.  Waltz around.

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Music:  Own tune (a waltz)
Thumbnail:  Chassées, lady round man; repeat; balance together, apart, roll accross; repeat; chassées, waltz.