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Dishrag Dance

Also known as  Wring out the Dishrag, Grandfather's Polka
Formation: Sicilian circle, scatter mixer or conventional Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Circle left in fours, then circle right.
A2: Still holding hands 1s (clockwise couples) make an arch and 2s pass under.  Then 2s turn away from each other (keeping hands joined) and pass their still-joined hands over their own heads and over the 1s' heads to make a clover-leaf, admire it, and lift the arch back to reform.  ('Wring out the dishrag'.) Then 2s make the arch, 1's pass under.
B1: Right hand star; Left hand star.
B2: Polka off to find new couple (for the scatter version) or go forward and back and pass on (for normal Sicilian circle).

If you do it as a scatter dance, you can start it as a circle but thereafter pairs can team up wherever they find another pair.

Music:  Polkas, such as Grandfather's Polka
Thumbnail:  Circles, dishrags, stars, find new couple.