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Jig a Jig Square

Author:  Martyn Harvey
Formation: Square
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: 1st M weaves round the set, passing partner on the inside then outside 2s inside 3s outside 4s and to place.
A2: 1st W ditto.
B1: All balance and swing partners.
B2: All do-si-do partner, then do-si-do corner.
A1: All four men right-hand star, left-hand star.  Keep hold of the star and take partner's nearest hand to make an arch, then ...
A2: Star promenade once round.  Break the star but keep the arches and all stand still except couple 1.
B1 & 2: 1s tunnel under 2s, 3s and 4s.  As soon as 1s have passed, 2s follow, then 3s and then 4s.  When 1s get home they arch, 2s likewise, 3s likewise.  - If spare music, swing.

At a workshop, Martyn Harvey said that the second time through the dance, the 1s often tried to follow the 2s through the tunnels instead of standing and waiting, so it needed to be emphasized that they should wait.

Music:  4 x 64 jigs or 8 x 32 jigs
Thumbnail:  1st M weaves, 1st W ditto, balance and swing, do-si-do, men star, then star promenade, then tunnelling.