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Pat-a-Cake Polka

Formation: Couple, Concentric circles of men and women (men on the inside facing partner), OR you can start couples scattered throughout the room, to get more space, especially for a lively crowd.  Old-time style (non-mixing couple dance) or can be used as a mixer.
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A: Face along circle to man's left and take inside hands or ballroom hold.  Using outside foot (men left, women use right) tap heel, toe, heel, toe; chassé 4 steps round circle.
Face the other way and repeat - heel & toe twice with other foot; 4 steps round circle to man's right.
B: Clapping with partner: R R R, L L L, both both both, knees or round the back (man round woman's waist, woman behind man's heads) [Note: when calling I find it hard to describe the the timing right - helps to hear the band play the music before calling].
Right arm turn partner once round, slide left to new partner.

Another version of B2: 3 bars polka stepping or whatever moving once round, then W move fwd to pass on in 4th bar.
If you're using the scattered-couples setup instead of a circle formation, in B2 couples just polka round; or if preferred, yet another version of B2: couples say goodbye and rush off to find new partners in time for A1.

Music:  Music: 16-bar schottisches or polkas.  Can accelerate gently.
Thumbnail:  Heel & toe x2, go forwards; repeat the other way; clapping; move on.