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Pride of Dingle

Author:  Ken Alexander 'Home Brewed', pub Cotswold Music
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, Longways proper, with the odd person (M or W) at foot of set
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: All face down except Dingle who faces up.  All march fwd 8 steps turn march back.
A2: (Dingle climbs ladder): All do 1/2 right hand turn 1/2 left hand 1/2 right hand 1/2 left hand.  As they do so, Dingle moves up through the set hand-over-hand making 3-hand stars with each couple in turn, right hand left hand right hand left hand.  At top Dingle joins own side — M or W as appropriate.
B1: Fwd and back twice.  Those on Dingle's side move down and bottom person becomes new Dingle.
B2: All swing the person opposite.  Bottom couple basket with new Dingle.

Ken Alexander originally called this 'Pride of the Pingle' (for a woman living in a housing estate near where he lived), but he says the dance went to America and there the folk process renamed it for him.

Music:  32-bar marches
Thumbnail:  (4 couples plus 1 person) March up or down, dingle climbs ladder, forward and back, swing.