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Reel of Ballymore

Author:  Leslie Haworth - Callers Choice 1
Formation: Big circle, women on partner's right, mixer.
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: All into middle for 4 steps and back out; repeat.
A2: Promenade partner 8 steps anti-clockwise; all turn in towards partner to face back (men still on the inside) and men move on and promenade their neighbour who is now the woman in front, 8 steps clockwise.  This is your new partner.  (Women have moved one place on, men have moved one place back.)  End the promenade facing new partner - men facing out, women facing in.  The person on your diagonal left is your left-person (original partner) and the person the other side is your right-person.  Now you're going to do allemandes with these three people, walking in a little figure-of-eight track.
B1: Right-hand turn your new partner half-way to face your right-person.  Left-hand turn them all the way to face your new partner.  Right-hand turn half-way to face your left-person.  Left-hand turn your left-person to face your partner.
B2: Long swing with (new) partner.  (Or balance and swing if preferred.)

Music:  32-bar (jigs good because long swing).
Colin says   The original instructions specify "The Mason's Apron or any reel".  I do it to Irish polkas, rather than Irish reels which bands tend to play very fast!  Try these three:
Thumbnail:  In and out, promenade, turns, balance and swing.