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Author:  Traditional Russian
Formation: Couple
Difficulty:  1
Style:  Russian

Face partner and point on each word: Sasha, Sasha, Rrrrraz, sdva, Trrrree
(which means one, two, three in Russian).
Quick claps with partner: right, right, right; left, left, left; both, both, both; (your own) knees, knees, knees.  Repeat.
Right elbow turn, singing la, la, la...  with "hey" and wave your other arm on the last beat.  Repeat with left arm.
Bow to this partner and dance around to find a new partner - try to use up all the music.

Colin says   This is very popular for children's dances in The States.  "Sasha" is the Russian diminutive of Alexander or Alexandra.

Thumbnail:  Point, clap, arm turns.