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St Lawrence Jig

Author:  Ralph Page: Zesty Contras, 1983
Formation: Longways, duple improper.
Difficulty:  3
Style:  American

A1: Allemande left with neighbour; 1s swing in centre to end facing down between the 2s with the woman on the right.
A2: Down the centre four in line, turn towards neighbour.  Lead back, ones hand cast round twos.
B1: Rights and Lefts all the way through.
B2: Lines forward and back; right hand star.

The 2's don't get much to do, so it's better to have several short sets rather than one long set, to give everyone a chance to be a first-couple.

Music:  32-bar jigs or reels
Thumbnail:  Allemandes, swing, lines down and up, rights and lefts, lines forward and back, star.