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The Heathfield Rag

Author:  Colin Hume, in 'Dances with a Difference' Volume 2 (includes the music). Thanks to Colin for permission to use it.
Formation: Set dance, 3 couples, longways proper
Difficulty:  3
Style:  English

A1: Top man and bottom woman right-forearm turn 1½ times, finish in each other's places (8 steps); top woman bottom man ditto with left forearm.  (Order now 3-2-1).
B1: In lines do 4 chassés right, then 4 chassés left; do-si-do partner.
A2: All the men circle L once round middle woman; then the women circle L once round middle man.
B2: Top 2 men cross, top 2 women cross (order now 2-3-1); all cross-hand swing partner, finishing with everyone back on their original side.

Progression is 2-3-1.

Music:  The Entertainer in a version trimmed for dancing by Colin Hume.  Probably works with other raggy tunes though.
Thumbnail:  Turns, chassés, circles, cross.