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The Willow Tree

Author:  Hugh Rippon
Formation: Set dance, 8 couples
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: 1s galop to bottom; 1st man returns with bottom woman, leaving 1st woman behind.
A2: 1st woman and bottom man galop up set; bottom man returns with his own woman.
B1 & B2: End couples strip the willow to middle (i.e.  past 3 couples), then form an arch of 4 in the middle of the set (others make space).
C1 & C2: Sides cast (top subset casts down, bottom subset casts up) through arches to place; swing if time.

Music:  48-bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Galops down to fetch someone, ends strip willow to middle and make arch, others cast through arch.