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Twelve Reel

Author:  Pat Shaw
Formation: Square, four trios in a square
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Heads link elbows to make a line of three.  Advance and retire; advance again and women change lines before the line retires.  (Pass right shoulders in theory.)
A2: Sides ditto.
B1: The middle person in each line (nominally the man) does a right elbow swing with the person on the right, then a left elbow swing with the one on the left.
B2: Reels of 3 along the lines (the middle person starts by giving right shoulder to the person on his/her right).  At the end of reel the middles hastily move to the next line on the right..

The original description is quite detailed about the moves.
A1: women pass right shouders as they change lines.
B1: the middle turns the right-hand end once, then the left hand end, then the right hand end, then the left hand end.
B2: men pass their right hand partner by the right shoulder as they move on to the next line, and enter the next line by passing left shoulder behind new left hand partner.

Music:  32-bar reels - original music: Jackson's Escape
There's an 'Easy Twelve Reel', adapted from this one, archived here then click on "Square sets".  He says he sometimes adds two more figures: C1: All circle left (16 steps).  C2: Trios form baskets of 3.
N.B.  You'll need 48-bar tunes for that version.
Thumbnail:  Square of threesomes.  Forwards and back, repeat swapping ends, middles elbow swing, reels, middles move round.