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Lines of 8 or more people (partner not needed)
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

The line (of 8+ dancers) is led by the dancer at the left of the line around the room, turn and crossing other lines if desired.
This figure is used to space out the following figures.
Serpent.  Leader takes the line into a spiral, the spiral will tighten; once the spiral is very tight he/she ducks down and moves out of the spiral leading the rest of the line out of the spiral.
Arches.  The line continues to hold hands throughout this figure.  Everyone raises there arms to form a series of arches.  The leader ducks under the arches and leads the line through the arches.
Progression.  The leader goes to the other end of the line in an "interesting" fashion!  Leapfrogs or other athletic figures would be excellent but a simpler progression is for the leader to weave in and out of the other dancers to the bottom or to join the line into a circle which breaks into a new line with a new leader.  The length of each figure is entirely at the leader's discretion.

This description is by Brian Scowcroft, describing the version he uses at ceilidhs.  The video links may be more like the traditional form ...

Music:  Jigs, or something medieval - e.g.  this 14th century ductia
Thumbnail:  Lines of people weave, cross, spiral at whim.