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Gay Gordons

Formation: Couple, all facing anticlockwise, men on the inside of the circle, Gay Gordons hold: join LHs in front, join RHs behind women's shoulders
Difficulty:  1
Style:  Scottish

16-bar schottisches or polkas.
A: Walk 4 steps forwards (anticlockwise), then pivot and walk 4 steps backwards (but in same direction).  Repeat going other way.
B: Proceed anticlockwise again with man holding up woman's right hand as she twirls under it, up to 4 times if she's nimble.  Take ballroom hold and either galop sideways or do polka turns, progressing round the circle.

The name refers to the brightly coloured uniforms of the Gordon Highlanders (or so I was told).

Colin says   I prefer the English version of the dance rather than the Scottish one!
See English Gay Gordons.

Music:  16-bar schottisches / polkas / marches / jigs
Thumbnail:  Forward, pivot, backwards; repeat other way.  Woman twirls.  Polka briefly.