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Author:  Gordon Potts
Formation: Couple, facing partner with palms or fingertips touching about shoulder height.
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: 2 hands with partner sway to man's left and right, woman turns to left under man's arms, chassé 4 left Start facing each other; the '2 hands with partner' is with hands at shoulder height, fingertips to fingertips...
Sway gently to the man's left and right (yes, that's to the lady's right and left).
The man lift his arms and allows the lady to turn left underneath them.
'Left' is clockwise and the lady only needs to turn half way round and face out.  Both are then facing the same direction.  This is often called as 'turn and lock'.
Both together, take four small sliding steps to the left; this is a chassé.
A2: Chassé 4 right, sway left and right, woman turns back round.
Chassé 4 steps back again to the right.
Sway gently left and right.
Lift arms to allow the lady to turn back out, ending up facing the man.
While doing this, the man makes sure he picks up the lady's right hand with his.
B1: Right hands to each other, balance in and out, change places, woman twisting under man's arm, and the same back to place.  Holding right hands with each other, balance in (in waltz time; one, two, three) and out (one, two, three), change places with lady turning under man's arm.  That's a turn to the right, anticlockwise.
Repeat - balance in, out and change places to get back to the original positions.
B2: Ballroom hold, chassé 4 to man's left and right, waltz 4.  Can start in a ballroom hold, or can just start with the man's left holding and the woman's right; chassé 2 steps to the man's left and 2 steps back to the right.
Whatever, by the end of the chassés you'd get to a full ballroom hold.  Waltz round for 4.

A deliberately slinky dance.  Description taken from the webfeet site
Colin says   I've now corrected the spelling of the title!  Here's the original tune

Music:  Slinky waltzes
Thumbnail:  Sway, turn and lock, chassé left & right, sway, unlock: balance in and out, chassé left & right, waltz