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Sir Roger de Coverley

Author:  Thomas Wilson, 1815
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, longways
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Top man bottom lady (first corners) forward & back (6 skip steps).  Second corners (top lady, bottom man) same.
A2: First corners right-hand turn.  Second same.
B1: First corners left-hand turn.  Second same.
B2: First corners two-hand turn.  Second same.
C1: First corners back-to-back.  Second same.
C2: Cast from the top, ones arch, others lead through.

Colin says   There are many many versions of this dance, so I'm not claiming this is the right version, just that this is the one I use and it fits the music - though you have to be very nippy for the final move and often the new top man has to start the forward and back before the bottom lady has got there!  It needs to be danced, with a single skip, and the moves overlap: as the first corners are falling back the second corners are dancing forward and so on.

See the link for much more information.

Music:  Own tune
Thumbnail:  Forward and back, turns, back-to-back, cast, up through arch.