A Barn Dance Repertoire
by Thomas Green
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Fivepenny Bit

Square, 5 couples
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English
Four couples in a square, 5th couple in the centre facing up

A1: 5s and 1s RH star; 5s and 3s RH star.
A2: Reels on sides - 5th man starts a reel with the 2s and 5th W likewise with the 4s.
B1: 5s collect themselves in the middle and set right and left to the 1s, arch through (middles make arch); the 1s turn right and set right and left to the 2s, then arch through ...
B2: ...  continue with the 2s setting to the 3s and arching through, then the 3s to the 4s, leaving the 4s in the middle facing up to restart the dance with the old 5s.