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Formation: Sicilian circle, threesome, Step-hop
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: (Swings) Middle person in each threesome, right arm swing their right-hand partner (8 steps), then left-arm swing their left-hand partner (8 steps).
A2: (Stars) Middle person star right with the two people on the right, turn to the two on the left and left hand star.  End in place.
B1: (Arches) Take hands along the lines and make arches.  Person on left of line steps in front of middle person, through arch, round behind and back to place (keep hold of hands - middle person has to rotate).  Person on right hand end does likewise.
B2: (Baskets) Cross-hand hold in a basket of 3, and step-hop round and round, travelling past the other threesome to meet a new line of 3.

Music:  32 bar hornpipes.
Thumbnail:  Swings, stars, arches, baskets.