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Lucky Seven version 1

Formation: Big circle, Women on partner's right, This is the really easy version (see next). Circle mixer
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: All circle left for 16 steps.  (Caller may have to count these aloud at first.)
A2: All into middle for 4 steps and back out; repeat.
B1: Grand chain: everyone face partner, take right hands count one and go past, hold out left hand to next person count two and go past, etc.  All the men go anticlockwise; all the women go clockwise.  So you're going the opposite way from your partner.  Resist the temptation to turn back the other way after the first handshake!
B2: Swing the seventh person.  When dancers get the feel of it, try calling for passing 8 people, 9 etc.

For use with real novices who need gentle introduction.  Start the music slowly because some people have trouble with the grand chain at first - they get past their partner OK but then they turn round and follow him/her.  Tell the dancer that if they find themselves short of a partner to swing not to worry, but just to go into the middle and wave - someone suitable should also be lost, so they can get together and reinsert themselves into the circle.  At first the band may have to adjust things by putting in an extra A or B strain, but it doesn't really matter if the phrasing goes wrong.

If this is their first grand chain you need to explain it very cafully and point out that all the men go the same way and all the women go the same way.

Thumbnail:  Circle L 16, in and out twice, grand chain for 7, swing.