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Strip the Willow Square

Author:  Eddie Upton
Formation: Square
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Heads take ballroom hold, gallop across 8 steps, men passing back to back; gallop back, women passing back to back.
A2: Sides ditto.
B1 & B2: Head men strip the willow using elbow turns: turn each other 3/4 round by right elbow, turn the woman they're facing (that's the one on their right when they started) by the left elbow, turn each other, the woman who was opposite them, each other, the woman who was on their left, each other, own partner.  Always right arm to each other, left to others.
C1: All circle left and right.
C2: Balance twice and swing partner.

Some people leave out C1 and C2.  Use 32-bar jigs in that case.

The usual sequence is: Head men, Side men, Head ladies (to corner first), Side Ladies.  As an encore: All four men star 3/4, etc.  Then ladies.

Music:  48-bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Heads gallop, sides gallop; heads strip willow round square; circles, balance and swing.