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The Mozart

Author:  Dudley Laufman
Formation: Set dance, 5 couples, long sets radiating from the centre of the room.
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Take hands with partner and all lead towards centre of room and back; then take hands with neighbours, forming two facing lines within the set of 5 couples, and lead forward and back.
A2: Top couple (nearest centre) cross over and weave down the opposite line.  At the bottom, cross back.
B1: All balance and swing partners.
B2: Lines join hands, go forward and back, forward again and pass through (men make arches).

This version is the version I've danced, but here is Dudley Laufman's own description, showing that the dance has evolved during its travels:

"Here it is from my book OK LET'S TRY A CONTRA etc.  Musicians should arrange themselves in the center of the room.  Sets form in lines outward from the center likes spokes from a wheel.  Top couple nearest center.  This is a whole set.  Everyone lead up towards the band and back/All forward towards partner and back/All swing partners/Top couple weave down through their own lines to foot.  All forward and back; forward again and pass on to next set.  Everyone has new partners.  Keep it up until you come around to your partner again.  Should have four or five sets to start with.  And the band should be in the middle sans microphones.  AND, most important, use the name tune, which is a theme from Mozart's Concerto for Horn and Orchestra K417.  Music is with the book.  In the key of C, but we play it in D now."

-- Thanks to Dudley for a good deal of help with this one!

Music:  If at all possible, use the right music (a theme from Mozart's Concerto for Horn and Orchestra K417) - see the video clip and the Soundcloud link, and download the sheet music.  Otherwise try jigs, not too fast.
Thumbnail:  To centre and back, 1s weave down, balance and swing, forward and back and on.