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The Short and the Tall

Author:  Ron Coxall. From 'Jogs to the Memory'
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, longways, 2s and 4s improper
Difficulty:  4
Style:  English

A1: Right hand star in fours.  All follow the leader: middle men (M2 and M3) lead the others in their stars, pass each other by the left and bear left round the other group to face partners.  (M2 stops in W3's place, W1 in M4's, and so on.  Order is now 4 3 2 1, 4s and 2s improper.)
A2: Left hand star in fours.  All follow the leader again: middle men pass right shoulders and bear right to get to home places.
B1: Circle 8 to the left halfway.  All two-hand turn partner.
B2: 1s (now at the bottom) arch, others lead down through the arch and cast back.  All do-si-do.

Ron Coxall says "The movement in the A sections is called The Devil's Elbow.  I like to dance-walk the stars (the short) and skip-change the serpentine part (the tall)."

Colin says   For an encore, get everyone to change places with their partner - now the women are the leaders.

Music:  Firm reels or marches, medium pace.
Thumbnail:  Stars, Devil's Elbow, half circle, turn partner, down through arch, do-si-do.