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Waltz Country Dance (version 2)

Formation: Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Give right hand to corner, balance in, out and change place with lady turning under man’s arm.  Repeat with partner.
A2: Repeat A1.
B1: Join hands around circle, balance in, out and ladies change places by man passing corner into partner’s place.  Repeat.
B2: In ballroom hold slide forward two steps and back [see note], then waltz on past opposites to meet a new couple.

In B2 you can omit the slides forward and back, to give more time to waltz on, if preferred.
I think this is the version usually danced now, rather than version 1 (see cross-ref).

Music:  32-bar waltzes
Thumbnail:  Waltz time.  Balance and change places with opposite then partner.  Balance the circle, women roll across, four times.  Waltz on.